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About Tiska St Albans and Potters Bar

Why TISKA St Albans & Potters Bar Karate Club? Develop and maintain fitness and flexibility. Increase your confidence and self esteem. Learn self defence skills. Feel good and have fun!

Karate practice is divided into three aspects:

Kihon (basic technique)

Kata (forms/patterns)

Kumite (sparring)

Each of these aspects of Shotokan Karate is carefully and methodically practiced. Through meticulous and constant training, participants of all ages are encouraged to develop their own Karate ability at their own pace. Initially, physical contact is avoided, but as you increase in ability you will be encouraged to participate in controlled sparring with your club members. Shotokan students (typically at brown and black belt level) may occasionally train with traditional Okinawan weapons; the bo, a six foot wooden staff and the sai, a pronged truncheon.

Classes in St Albans & Potters Bar

The Club Instructor

The club's instructor, Kevin Coles (6th dan) achieved his first level black belt in 1987 and then started the first Tiska St Albans Shotokan karate club in 1991. He currently teaches six days a week, including a number of after-school karate clubs in St Albans.The Potters Bar karate club was established in 2005.Members of both St Albans and of Potters Bar karate clubs can visit at both clubs giving the opportunity to train three times a week... Monday, Thursday, Saturday.

Kevin began karate at the University of Bath in 1981 and then joined Sensei Sahota classes in Luton and Dunstable the following year. He has progressed to rokudan under the guidance and instruction of the Chief Instructor Sensei Sahota, taking part in a number of tournaments in both the UK and South Africa. Kevin has a deep interest in the history and cultural heritage of karate and the martial arts and fulfilled his wish of visiting the home of karate - Okinawa - in April 2010.

Contact Club Instructor

St Albans Club Secretary, Eve Coles, 5th Dan